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Lucky Bromhead

Makeup Artist - Ron Sexsmith, MTV FORA

"Since the Clarisonic Mia 2 came into my life, I can truthfully say that I've never received so many compliments on my skin. I have always invested in good skin care (both for myself and my kit) and the Clarisonic takes it to a whole new level. My skin looks and feels fantastic, and it glows!! I'm such a devotee that now I bring the Clarisonic on beauty shoots and have extra brush heads so my models and clients can use it before I prep their skin with product. THAT is how much of a difference it makes! I love how little time it takes to take care of my and my client's skin, and what an immediate and dramatic difference it makes in the skin's texture and appearance. Thank you Clarisonic for making beautiful skin easy!"

Misty Fox

Makeup Artist

"I love it and take it to every job. My clients instantly feel more relaxed from the face massage Clarasonic gives while it cleans and polishes the skin!!"

Jessica Haisinger

Makeup Artist - Global TV's Morning Show

"I now recommend it to all my clients and cannot imagine going back to a life without it. It’s my new skincare obsession!"

Spring Roy

Senior Makeup Artist - CTV TV Inc./Bell Media

"I am so delighted with my Clarisonic! I noticed a difference after using it for the first time. I feel I have taken 5 years off my face, it looks so fresh and clear it has changed the way I apply my makeup now. I get asked so often about what I use on my skin and it’s the first thing I tell people to get. It’s a must tool for any makeup artists kit! With HD now the norm the Clarisonic makes your job that much more effective in getting flawless skin without using too much makeup."


Anne Rosenbloom

Makeup Artist - ET Canada

"Cheryl and I have been using the Clarisonic Mia 2. We both find that it creates a radiance, silky skin texture, and when moisturizers and primers are applied after the Clarisonic is used, our skin accepts the application of foundations and blushes, contouring powders and bronzers etc. more easily. With the transition into High Definition cameras this machine should be in every make-up room to make our job as make-up artists easier."

Ton Petit Look

1 an avec une brosse Clarisonic : 5 raisons pour lesquelles c'est la meilleure chose au monde pour vos petites faces!

"Il n'y AUCUNE raison de ne pas utiliser la brosse Clarisonic, car elle va sous la douche."
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Fashion Nights

Beauty | Clarisonic Deep Pore Decongesting Solution

"I’ve been using the system about two months and I have seen an improvement in my pore appearance – and the smoother, radiant aspect to it has been great."
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Everything Beautiful

Are you ready for summer?

"I already loved Clarisonic, but this new system has become a necessity for the summer months!"
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29 Secrets

5 Beauty Products Worth the Splurge

"The result? Shrunken pores, reduced fine lines and wrinkles and a softer, smoother, more radiant skin complexion."
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The Broken Heel Diaries

Clarisonic Mia 2 Skin Cleansing System

"I love it and take it to every job. My clients instantly feel more relaxed from the face massage Clarasonic gives while it cleans and polishes the skin"
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Montreal In Style

[FRENCH] J'ai testé : le Mia2 de Clarisonic

"Une fois la minute écoulée, la sensation ressentie sur ma peau est extraordinaire, une fraicheur et sensation de propreté vraiment intense."
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Lipgloss Junkie

[FRENCH] 13 produits a essayer en 2013

"#1 Clarisonic. Je viens a peine de commencer a l'utiliser, mais j'ai bien hate de voir les benefices a long terme."
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The Style Spy

Tried & Testing: Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System

"The result? Skin that looked fresh - there was a noticeable difference upon first use. I've been using the system for the past few weeks and can say I've seen an improvement in the texture of my skin. I definitely recommend it!"
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Gift Guide: The Gadget Gal

"Clarisonic teams up with Biotherm to create an amazing holiday gift set for face adn body - reveal cleaner, brighter more radiant skin wtih each use (plus, I love the awesome design)."
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Beauty Crazed

Clean up for the holidays [...]

"If you've been reading this site for any length of time, you know just how much I love my Clarisonic - as a matter of fact I love it so much that I think everyone should have one!"
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Into The Gloss

Wash Your Face

"It's foolproof. The machine gently beeps to tell you when to move from your T-zone to your cheeks and chin, and the whole process lasts about one minute. You'll want more, since it noy only exfoliates like nobody's business-gently whisking away dead/dry skin-but I feel like I can atually see my pores get cleaner and tighter with each use."
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BC Living

Buff Your Skin to Perfection [...]

"I love knowing I'm buffing every last trace of product off my face and am left with super soft, smooth skin. And it really does prep the skin for any serums or lotions used afterward. I was amazed at how quickly my serums sank and disappeared into my skin."
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Dr. Roz Kamani

"Clarisonic Pro is a must in any skincare regimen. Our patients LOVE how clean and smooth their skin feels after using it daily. The instant glow motivates them to take care of their skin even more."

Dr. Coby Demkiw-Bartel

"Clarisonic devices offer a proven addition to my patient's regimen thus facilitating the attainment of optimal skin health. This increased cleansing enhances the effectiveness of the medical grade products they invest in and so the most is gained."

Dr. Julia Carroll

"I dispense a variety of products at my office, Compass Dermatology. Every time I follow-up with a patient who has purchased a Clarisonic, they all say, "I LOVE my Clarisonic". I call it the "Cult of Clarisonic". I personally own three. I use one every day. In my practice I see it improve the texture of skin, pores and acne."