Shannon Kelly



By day I’m a marketing/Pr gal, and when I’m not at work I live in a constant haze of all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle! I am a big fan of dressing up, trying new things and exploring my city! I am a busy girl, travel lots and I know I couldn’t do it without my Clarisonic—for the last few years, it goes wherever I go!

Shannon's cleansing routine

Skin Type: Normal

Device: Mia 2

Speed: Universal

Brush Head: Cleansing Brush

My morning routine consists of rinsing my face in the shower and applying an SPF (even in the winter!) I use my Clarisonic at night to scrub the day away. My night routine consists of removing my eye make-up without tugging or pulling on the eye area. I then use my Clarisonic Mia 2 with an all natural foam face wash before applying a gentle toner. Twice a week I will use a clay mask and remove the mask by using my Clarisonic, it's a little treat for my skin! I finish with an all natural moisturising cream and eye cream before hitting the sheets

- Shannon