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Catalina Margulis



Former Flare and Elle Canada editor Catalina Margulis has built her career spotting beauty trends, scouting hot spots and spinning them into compelling stories. Catalina created BeautyRSVP as a place women could go to for answers to all their skin and hair care questions, tried and tested product reviews and to find the best beauty experts in the business–not to mention a good deal or two. She’s learning to let go.

Catalina's cleansing routine

Skin Type: Normal

Device: Opal

Speed: Universal

Brush Head: n/a

"A foam cleanser that I use with my Clarisonic every night. Eye cream that I apply with my Clarisonic Opal, face serum (I’ll add moisturizer in the winter) and foundation or tinted moisturizer depending on where I’m going/who I’m seeing and how much coverage I need ;) In the morning, I just rinse my face in the shower and use a light powder exfoliator. Key is rest (when I can get it) and lots of water!"

- Catalina