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Nicole Wilson



Nicole Wilson is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Toronto. In addition to working full time as a Marketing Manager and managing, Nicole also contributes to various national publications, styles photo shoots and is an avid world traveler!

Nicole's cleansing routine

Skin Type: Sensitive

Device: Mia

Speed: Universal

Brush Head: LUXE Cashmere

"I start and end my day with a thorough skincare routine. I have sensitive skin so I need to be selective with the products I use and always favour those with more natural, soothing ingredients and sun protection. I cleanse my skin using my Clarisonic with the LUXE Cashmere Clean brush head - it’s super soft and great for dehydrated and sensitive skin. My other skincare products absorb more effectively after cleansing with my Clarisonic because there’s no dead/dry skin getting in the way!"

- Nicole