Jessica Desjardins is the Founder & Director of

Jessica Desjardins



As an editor, graphic designer, photographer, web designer and community manager, Jessica has developed a diverse skill set to produce the unique visual content seen on Beautezine every day. Jessica has been working full-time for Beautezine since May 2012 and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario. When she isn't surrounded by beauty products, Jessica enjoys baking, movies and traveling.

Jessica's cleansing routine

Skin Type: Sensitive

Device: Mia

Speed: Universal

Brush Head: LUXE Cashmere

"My skin is very sensitive, so I have to be careful what products and tools I use. I make sure to remove my makeup and wash my face twice a day I love the Clarisonic Cashmere Cleanse Luxe Facial Brush Head because it feels soft like feathers, but still does a great job of cleansing. Also, since it launched, I can't be without the Clarisonic Pedi system—I haven't visited a salon for a pedicure since!"

- Jessica