Love Your Skin

Clarisonic is way more than clean

Better mirror moments

Firmer feeling, glowing, less visible lines & wrinkles

Better acne cleansing

Gently and effectively cleanse away blemish-causing debris, oil, makeup and sunscreen

Better makeup. On & off.

Removes long wear makeup & sunscreen, blends foundation, concealer & contour too.

Better shaving & beards

More comfort. Closer shave. Smaller looking pores. Plus a feel-good, look-better clean all over.


First use

immediately softer skin

1 week

radiant glow

1 month

smoother, softer, firmer
looking skin with less visible pores


effective cleansing
skincare products absorb better

What people say


The method is the magic

Power to the pores

Our patented technology activates the power of water to gently clear away what otherwise may hide deep inside pores.

What you can't see

What's trapped inside pores may be getting in the way of your healthiest looking skin. Clarisonic cleans 6x better than hands alone.

Softly & gently

No harsh chemicals required - just fresher, smoother, softer skin.

How it works

The best in class

#1 dermatologist recommended

I used to think my cleanser was good enough.

Get 6x cleaner than hands alone.

I used to think my makeup wipe was good enough.

Better long wearing makeup removal than makeup wipes.

I used to think my gadget was good enough.

Better makeup removal than the competitors.

How it works

See how good clean feels

Baby soft, touchably smooth. Restarted. Clarisonic gives you and your skin an utterly fresh start. Do something very good for you in 60 seconds.

Just how gentle is Clarisonic? This gentle.

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