Mia Smart Face & Eye Contour Gift Set

Get a vibrant cleanse and and an awakening eye massage for visibly reduced puffiness and crow's feet.

Mia Smart Face & Eye Contour Gift Set

Set Price: $308

Product Details

    Mia Smart
  • Visibly minimized pores, firmer feeling contours, appearance of eye puffiness reduced and flawless makeup blending (applicators sold separately)
  • Works with any Clarisonic cleansing brush head and applicator

  • The Sonic Awakening Eye Massager
  • 1 week - visibly reduce those puffy under eyes with cooling massage
  • 8 weeks – less visible crow’s feet fine lines and under eye wrinkles
  • +10% firmer feeling skin around the eye contour in 8 weeks
  • For use with Mia Smart and Smart Profile Devices
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Mia Smart 3-in-1 Connected Sonic Beauty Device


Sonic Awakening Eye Massager


Set Price: $308
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