Sonic cleansing is gentle yet powerful, benefitting all skin types.


Imperfections & Lack of Clarity
6x better cleansing than hands alone
Clarisonic Cleansing Brushes clean deeply to remove the dirt, debris and oil that clogs pores and causes imperfections and dullness.




Oil & Shine
Deep pore cleansing reduces oily appearance
Clarisonic Cleansing Brushes effectively reduce oily patches where sebum accumulates by cleaning deeper than traditional methods.




Improves appearance of mature skin
Without a build-up of makeup and debris, skin appears softer and smoother, and is primed to better absorb topical treatments.




Fragile & Sensitive Skin
Gentle enough for daily use without disrupting the skin barrier
Clarisonic Cleansing Brushes very gently cleanse skin without pulling or abrading.