Real people, proven results - Clarisonic, a love story!

Discover how the sonic cleansing power of Clarisonic has changed the skin (and lives) of Canadians like you!

What is Sonic Cleansing Technology?

How Clarisonic's patented technology transforms your skin in just one minute a day

Using your Sonic Cleansing Brush

Learn how to use your Clarisonic brush to get 6x cleaner skin

How to Clean your Clarisonic brush heads

Optimize your sonic cleanse and keep your brush heads clean

Fact or Fiction

Get the facts on the benefits of daily use in Episode 1 of our series

Remove Pollution

Gentle sonic oscillations loosen dirt and oil from beneath the skin’s surface


There’s a lot of buzz surrounding our patented sonic cleansing technology, find out the facts behind the science

Carmindy - Behind the Scenes

Carmindy - beauty expert and celebrity makeup artist talks 'must haves'

21st Century Makeup Removal

Meet Clarisonic, the perfect partner for removing your makeup 6X better than hands alone

Mia Fit Unscripted Reations

Want to try Clarisonic, the No.1 cleansing device? See 6 women’s unscripted reactions to the NEW Mia Fit devices

Gentle on your skin

Clarisonic is gentle enough for daily use. Watch to learn and see just how gentle our devices are

How to Charge your Mia 3 Model

3 speeds for 3 levels of cleansing

How to Change Speeds on your Mia 3 Model

Charge and take charge of your complexion

How to use the T-Timer on your Mia 3 Model

Use the convenient T-Timer to guide you to your optimal cleanse

How to Charge your Mia 2

Quick and easy guide to charging your Mia or Mia 2 device

How to Change Speeds on your Mia 2

Find the perfect speed for your optimal cleanse